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If you are an influencer with a happening blog, Patreon, YouTube, Twitter, and/or Instagram account, we would love to work with you!

Email us with your name, social media handle, location, and media kit (if available). If you don't have a media kit, provide us with a summary of who you are, who you have worked with in the past, and why we should work together.

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Event Sponsorship


For those who are putting together an event and are interested in completing it with a touch of roses, we can help make your event magical. From gifts for giveaways to customizable party favors, let us make your event memorable (especially with roses that last a year!)




If you are interested in retailing our products, please contact:


Bulk Orders


For those of you who wish to purchase our products in bulk, contact us at: inquiries@theflowerboxsf.com

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Did you know...

According to Sfsuicide.org, suicide is the tenth leading cause of death for all ages in the United States, and the second leading cause of death for youth. There are approximately 44,000 suicide deaths in the United States and approximately 100 in the City of San Francisco every year.

San Francisco Suicide Prevention is the oldest community-based telephone crisis center in the United States. They have 200 calls a day and 70,000 people relying on their services annually. What is most amazing about SFSP is that they are the most cost-effective crisis care agency out there, functioning with only 12 staff and 150 volunteers. 

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If you are crisis or know anyone who in crisis click here.

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